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Denied Workers' Comp Benefits?

A Portland & Beaverton, OR Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Explain Your Options

Ideally, Oregon workers' compensation law would allow every injured worker to receive benefits after sustaining injuries on the job. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny claims to keep costs as low as possible. The Law Office of Michael J. Orlando appeals denied workers' comp claims to help injured workers throughout Oregon get the benefits they deserve.

Our law office is conveniently located in Beaverton, OR. Contact us today to arrange a meeting with a skilled worker's compensation attorney.

Your Case Is in Qualified Hands

You've got a limited time to challenge a denied workers' comp claim, so you can't afford to bring your case to the wrong attorney. Mr. Orlando has over 15 years of experience and is recommended by several families in the Beaverton, OR area.

Plus, attorney Orlando has received the following certifications:

  • General Insurance

  • Associate in Claims

  • Associate in Risk Management

  • Oregon Workers' Compensation Claims Administration

Attorney Orlando will take the stress out of the appeals process by explaining what you can expect. Call now to speak with a highly qualified attorney about your denied workers' comp claim.

Considering a Workers' Compensation Denial Appeal?

Set Up A Time to Discuss Your Situation and Get Sound Legal Advice at No Cost to You.

I help those facing workers' compensation issues throughout the Portland Metro area and anywhere in the State of Oregon. Schedule your free initial consultation by sending an email or calling.

A recent study showed that 75% of workers' compensation claim denials go un-appealed, don't be one of them.

Requests for Reconsideration

I, workers' comp attorney Michael J. Orlando, founded Law Office of Michael J. Orlando, to help injured workers obtain fair compensation and needed treatment. I have handled claims for people who have suffered on-the-job back and neck injuries, knee issues, and repetitive trauma cases such as carpal tunnel syndrome and hearing loss - to name a few - for more than 11 years. I also bring the experience from the other side from working for insurance companies and knowing firsthand how they view and process claims.

Recovery from a workplace injury is hard enough; then you must also navigate the workers' compensation system. This requires not only carefully reading all notices but knowing when to seek additional legal guidance. Believe me, in most cases the workers' compensation insurance companies already have attorneys working for them on your case from behind the scenes well before you'll ever know.

Getting Review After a Claim Closure

The Oregon Workers' Compensation Division allows you to request reconsideration of a claim closure within 60-days from the date a notice is mailed.

Some of the issues that you can seek review on include:

  • When did your condition become medically stationary? This is when a doctor determines your condition will not improve with additional curative medical treatment or from the passage of time (claims are closed by the insurer at this point).

  • Was the claim closed before it should have been?

The form to request reconsideration includes terms and definitions that are not always self-explanatory. Get assistance putting together the strongest argument and evidence that supports your position from a lawyer who knows the law and what the Workers' Compensation Division looks for.

If you receive an unfavorable decision after requesting reconsideration, you can seek a hearing from the Hearings Division of the Workers' Compensation Board within 30-days. While there are cases when this added review is required, presenting the strongest case at the reconsideration stage can avoid the added appeal.

I am located in Beaverton, but work with clients from Portland, Eugene, and throughout the state.